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Cast epoxy

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Mr.Boat clear cast epoxy

Mr.Boat clear cast/photo epoxy consists of 2 components; resin and hardener which can mixed 1:1. Mr.Boat clear cast/photo epoxy has the following characteristics:

- Crystal clear and stays clear
- UV stabilised
- Nice tight surface, doesn't have te be polished
- No heat development, so no shrinking during cooling down
- No decay of underlying varnishes etc.
- Watertight, as well as for outdoor

Clear cast/photo epoxy is being used for decorative purposes like working with photos, paintings, jewelry or to pour in tables or tabletops.

Consumption: to apply 1 cm clear cast/photo epoxy on 1 m2, you need about 10 liter clear cast/photo epoxy. So for 1 mm, you need 1 liter.

Not sure which epoxy you need? Check the overview..

The instructions for using Mr.BoatClear cast/photo epoxy is here

For working with aquariums or terrarium back walls, the "standard" Mr.Boat epoxy is being used instead of the clear cast/photo epoxy.

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