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Epoxy floor system

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Quality epoxy floor system

With Aemme Mr.Boat delivers an epoxy floor system in colors white or grey, which can be used easily on many different underlays. This system contains 2 components which are to be mixed. It is moisture proof and resistant to many chemicals.

It is recommended to apply at least two layers with a paint roller, where the first layer is diluted and applied as primer. The thinner is included. After several hours, dependant on the temperature, the next layer can be applied.

With a 3 liter set, you can at least apply 10 m2 in 2 layers.


- Make sure the underlay is dry, clean and grease free.
- Any holes and cracks can be repaired with epoxy putty.
- Apply first diluted layer with a paint roller (on stem). Dilute 10-30% dependant on the underlay. The stronger the suction, the more dilution.
- After about 8 hours at room temperature, apply the next undiluted layer with a paint roller.
- After about 24 hours the floor is ready for use again.

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