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Epoxy-fabrics-fillers & more
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Glass fabrics

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Glass fabric
Bidirectional glass
25 grams
50 grams
80 grams
110 grams
160 grams
220 grams
300 grams
390 grams

Glass fabrics for use with Mr.Boat epoxy

Our glass fabric and tape is produced by the leading brand in glass products. Besides glass tape we can also provide carbon, aramid and multi axial fabrics.

Our glass fabrics are availabe in different variants and weights. From very fine for modelling and artistic use to heavy weights to create layer thickness and strength.

Glass fabric up to 160 gram/m2 becomes fully transparant in a laminate and shows its original (wood)color.

We can cut all glass cloths up to 100 meters. Would you like to order for example 3 m2, order three times one m2. You will receive 3m2 in one.

More about glass fabrics check here.

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