Epoxy-fabrics-fillers & more
Epoxy-fabrics-fillers & more
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Kit - Epoxy glue

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Kit - Epoxy glue

Mr.Boat MS-Polymer is een super strong glue for professionals. Replaces virtually all other kinds of glues.

TEC7 is a super product. It replaces construction glue, wood glue, PU-glue, silicon glue, sanitairy glue, acrylate glue and buthylene glue.

TEC 7 kit is used for indoor and outdoor and provides a super strong, elastic and ready to paint result. Almost all materials can be glued with TEC7; metal, synthetic materials (like pvc, polyester and perspex), brick, concrete, cork, glass and most types of wood.

Tec 7 hardens even under water and is very (sea) watertight.

Moreover you will find excellent epoxy systems of Versachem for the smaller jobs. Different types of epoxy for different applications. From 60 seconds epoxy to titanium reinforced epoxy.

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