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PU Foam

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PU Foam is a water resistant, light weight foam

PU foam (Polyurethane) is a 2-components foam with a closed cell structure.

It is used to fill up hollow spaces, to isolate, create buoyancy, for molding or for decorative use. PU foam sticks to almost anything and is also suitabe for humid, dirty spaces.

However it does not stick to Polyethylene (PE) where garbage bags are made of. By frothing the PU foam in a box which is coated with the garbage bag, you can easily make a cube of foam.

After hardening you can easily cut and model the foam.

Available in a variant which froths up to 15 times the original volume and one which froths up to 25 times the original volume.

Do not confuse our PU foam with PUR foam (which is availbale in a lumberyard). This PUR foam has an open cell structure whereby it absorbs moisture.

A report of foaming the double bottom of a polyester boat, check here

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