Epoxy-fabrics-fillers & more
Epoxy-fabrics-fillers & more
Also for fish tanks and scale models!
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Workshop Working with epoxy

Workshop " Working with epoxy".

At this workshop we tell you more about epoxy and the applications. Different types of epoxy, fillers, (glass)fabrics, accessories, technics and success factors are dealt in this workshop. The workshop is meant for people who have little or no experience with epoxy.

After the theory part you can try different technics yourself.

Duration is about 3 - 3.5 uur. Logically you can ask specific questions.

The costs are 25 euros including use of materials, coffee, tea, soda and a stroopwafel. Besides that you will receive 10% discount on your first order!

Location is Wormerveer, North-Holland, The Netherlands.

Date and time can be tuned when enough participants are coming (minimum 5, maximum 10 per workshop).

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