PU Foam 65kg/m3 - 5 liter

5 liters PU foam. 15x the original volume.

PU foam adds extra buoyancy. 2 components 1:1. Expands till 15 times the original volume. 5 Liter PU foam creates about 75 liter rigid foam.

The density is 65 kg/m3. PU foam (Polyurethane) has a closed cell structure.

Is used to fill open spaces, to isolate, create boyancy, model building, and artistic use. PU foam sticks to almost everything and is also usable in humid, dirty places.

However it doesn't stick to Polyethylene (PE), the material garbage bags are made of. By foaming the PU foam in a box covered with a garbage bag, you can easily make a cube of foam.

After hardening it can be easily cut and moulded.
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