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Below we answer frequently asked questions. Epoxy is a great material with great potential. Our customers have many questions though in daily practice. We try to give some more clarity here. Do you have a question that is not listed here? Please let us know.
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What is epoxy?

Epoxy is an exceptional hard and tough chemical resin. It contains superior qualities concerning suture and resistance against water, chemicals etc. Epoxy is formed out of a chemical reaction between the two components (resin and hardener).

Epoxy sticks to virtually any underlay, provided that the underlay is well cleaned and grease free. Epoxy doesn't stick to polyethylene (for example garbage bags), silicone and teflon. The suture on ABS is reasonable.

What is epoxy used for?

Mr.Boat epoxy has many applicatiins. Floors are made with epoxy, air planes, car parts, aquarium back walls, boats etc. Mr.Boat epoxy is mainly used to glue, putty, laminate or coat.

Mr.Boat injection epoxy is waterthin and used for strong sucking surfaces like for example end grain wood.

Mr.Boat casting/photo epoxy is a crystal clear, UV resistant epoxy perfectly suitable for casting objects in for example table tops.

Mr.Boat epoxy puttly is sold ready to go or you can make it yourself by adding fillers to the mix of Mr.Boat epoxy. Mr.Boat epoxy putty is a watertight, shrink free putty which is very light and well sandable.

Mr.Boat epoxy glue is used for diehard glue connections on most materials.

Is epoxy strong?

Very very strong. Connections with epoxy fillets are much more stronger than the separate parts. Provided that the application is done properly, sustainability and toughness is imcomparable.

Which epoxy should I use?

What is injection epoxy?

Mr.Boat injection epoxy is being diluted with special epoxy thinner, is waterthin and penetrates deep in the porous surfaces. Note that the strength and water tightness of injection epoxy is lower than the standard Mr.Boat epoxy. It is recommended to apply one more layer of the standard epoxy after applying the injection epoxy.

What is epoxy casting resin

What is the difference between epoxy and polyester?

- Epoxy is watertight, polyester isn't
- Epoxy shrinks a lot less than polyester
- Epoxy sticks to almost anything, polyester usually needs a pretreatment
- The chemical persistence of epoxy is in general much bigger than of polyester
- Epoxy smells a lot less than polyester
- The UV persistence of epoxy is less than polyester
- Epoxy is more expensive than polyester

Can epoxy be put in the garbage can?

Non cured epoxy is a chemical product and should therefore be taken to the chemical waste.

Can I spray Mr.Boat epoxy?

No, our epoxy is not suited for spraying.

Is epoxy suited for (kite)surfboards?

Yes, and for canoes, caravans, modelling etc. (Kite)surfers often use foam core and that works excellently with Mr.Boat epoxy.

Can I use epoxy on steel of aluminum?

When pretreated well, epoxy can be used well on steel in order to putty for example.

For smaller repairs we sell double seringes with 25ml epoxy which can be mixed with steel or titanium.

How long can I preserve epoxy?

Epoxy is tenable for at least 1 year, but in practice more than 2 years. Epoxy can crystalize and become white when temperatures change (cold). Put the can in the sink with warm water for a while and the resin can be used properly again.

Can I use resin without hardener?

NO. Only by mixing the resin and hardener, a chemical reaction arises which we need. Resin and hardener are never used seperately but always in combination of the two.

Why does epoxy gets hot during curing?

The chemical reaction that arises is exothermic. That means that heat is released during curing. That is the result of the reaction which makes a cross connection between molecules of the resin and hardener.

A big quantity in a mixing cup can even start to smoke because of the developed heat. Try to avoid this.

Is epoxy UV resistant?

The standard Mr.Boat Epoxy is reasonably resistant to UV light and remains better when treated with a UV resistant (boat)varnish. This also applies to most laminating epoxy. If this isn't done, yellowing will occur after some years and a chance on tiny cracks.

Adding epoxy pigments (colour) also contributes to a better UV resistance.

Mr.Boat cast/photo epoxy is UV resistant.

Does epoxy smell?

Non or barely. Unlike for example polyester no gas (styrene) is released with a nasty smell.

Is epoxy dangerous?

Epoxy is relatively safe. However it is important to take into account some safety measures. Wear goggles and gloves. Epoxy should be stored safely and kept out of reach for children.

Cured epoxy is completely harmless for man, animals and plants.

What does pot life mean?

Pot life is the time mixed epoxy stays fluid and workable. With Mr.Boat epoxy pot life is about 30-40 minutes (at about 20 degrees Celsius). After that the epoxy hardens. Therefore don't make more than you can process in 30 minutes.

You can extend the pot life too by pouring the mixed epoxy into a paint tray with a bigger surface.

How much epoxy do I need?

It depends on what you want to do. When coating use is about 1.5 kg. epoxy for 1 layer of 6 m2.

When laminating you use more, depending on the glass fabric weight. Heavier fabrics absorb more epoxy than light fabrics. Check out the details of the specific fabrics to get more information about the use of epoxy and laminate thickness.

What colour has epoxy?

Mr.Boat epoxy is transparant with a light yellow shadow. When applied on glass fabric this also becomes transparant. Any wood grain on the underlay remains visible.

Mr.Boat casting/photo epoxy is crystal clear.

Can I colour epoxy?

Yes that is possible. Use the special colour pigments. Add a little bit (about 1-2%). Provides a transparant colouring. When adding more, the result is a "piano varnish" effect.

Adding pigment also means that UV resistance will be improved.

What is the mixture?

For Mr.Boat epoxy and Mr.Boat injection epoxy: 2 parts of resin and 1 part of hardener. Thus 2:1.

For Mr.Boat casting/photo epoxy there is a mixture of 1:1.

What is MS Polymer?

TEC7 is a super product. It replaces mounting glue, wood glue, PU glue, silicone kit, sanitary kit, acrylic kit and butylene kit. TEC7 kit is used for indoor and outdoor and provides a super strong, elastic result which can be painted right away.

Almost all materials can be glued with TEC7; metals, synthetic materials like: PVC, polyester and perspex, brick, concrete, cork, glass and most woord types.

Tec7 becomes even hard under water, is very water(sea)tight and doesn't release any toxic substances.

For example a breach in an aquarium can be repaired under water.

What is peelply?

Peelply of tear fabric is a fine fabric treated with nylon. It is applied as first or last layer on the epoxy laminate. After curing of the laminate the peelply is stripped under an sharp angle. This leaves a waffle type of structure which you can immediately use for further treatment without having to sand of decrease.

Peelply can also be used to prevent amine blush.

Available in 15 and 100 cm. width.


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