Calculations of weight, mass, length, volume etc. check here. deze website


Calculations and formulas

pi = 3,14159265 (calculate with 3,14 ;)
r = radius of a circle
d = diameter


Rectangle: length x width
Circle: pi x r x r 
Triangle: (height x basis)/2


Rectangular ba: length x width x height
Tube: pi x r x r length
Piramyd: (basis x height)/3


Circle: pi x diameter


1 liter = 1000 ml. = 1 dm3
A square box of 100 x 100 x 100 cm has a volume of 1.000.000 cm3 = 1.000 dm3 = 1 m3


Weight: volume x density
Density: weight/volume
Volume: weight/density

1% = 1/100th part

Below some handy formulas for area calculation of ships

Underwater ship for a non deep stabbing (sailing)boat:
Surface area in m2 = 0,5 x length of the waterline x (width + depth)

Underwater ship for a deep stabbing sailboat:
Surface area in m2 = 0,75 x length of the waterline x (width + depth)

Surface ship:
Surface ship in m2 = (Length over all x width) x 2 x height waterline till deck

Surface area of the deck:
Surface area in m2 = (0,75 x Length over all x width) minus surface area of construction

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