Fabrics and epoxy: everything about, fabrics, aramid and carbon

Glass fabrics and glass eggs consist of long, very fine glass threads which are bundled in one bigger thread. These threads are woven (in case of glass fabric) or stitched (in case of glass eggs).


Glass fabrics

Most glass fabrics we sell are twill woven. That means that a weave is used for optimal curving. The light fabrics (25 en 50 gram) are square woven but so light that they are perfect for curving. These fabrics are frequently used as smooth finishing layer over heavier fabrics, but also for modelling.

We also sell biaxial fabrics. That is a heavy quality (450 gram) fabric where threads are woven right-angle (45/45). This results in a very strong fabric which can still be reasonably curved.



Glass tape is mainly used to make corner reinforcements, or to wrap simple products. Available in 2, 5, 10 and 15 cm. width.

For corner reinforcements and fillet connections there is also biaxial tape available (450 gram). The fibres of this tape are woven in ±45° direction. The advantage of this tape is that every fibre contributes to the strength of the corner reinforcement. The tape can be curved well, without folds or having to cut. All our glass tapes are finshed tightly on the edges and doesn't unravel.



Carbon fibre is made of carbon threads (black), which in combination with epoxy, results in a very stiff and strong material. A laminate with carbon fabric is just as strong as 3-4 layers of glass fabric of the same weight. Carbon fibre is not only strong and light but in combination with epoxy also very decorative.



Carbon tape is the sawn version of carbon fabric and available in different widths and types.  


Available in 5 and 10 cm. width. 200 Gr./m2. Extremely stiff in width- and length direction.



Available in 2.5, 5 en 10 cm. width. 314 gram/m2. The carbon threads (length) are being held together in the width direction by thin threads. This results in a extremely stiff material in the length direction.

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