Mr.Boat epoxy

Mr.Boat epoxy is perfectly suited for marine applications like coating, laminating, glueing, putties and other applications on fish tanks, terraria, DIY, automotive, artwork and much more.

Mr.Boat Epoxy: Quality for the best price

Mr.Boat is an extremely strong resin and the consistency of Mr.Boat epoxy makes it perfectly suited for applications like coating, laminating, glueing and putties.

Mr.Boat consists of 2 components: resin and hardener. Mr.Boat epoxy has an easy mixing ratio of 2:1 (2 parts resin, 1 part hardener).The epoxy has a neutral odeur and hardens transparant. An advantage is that the epoxy can still be used at lower temperatures. It has a low viscosity that penetrates the surface deeply. The result is a high protective, watertight coating which sutures at virtually any underlay. Combined with the fillers you can make an iron epoxy glue connection or a lightweight epoxy putty which doesn't shrink.

For strong sucking surfaces like end grain wood, soft wood or stone/cement underlays, you can apply Mr.Boat injectable expoxy as a first layer. This epoxy is fluid and penetrates deep in the sucking underlay.

When the epoxy should stay transparant, we advice you to add a UV-Blocker to prevent it becoming yellow.

Not sure what to buy? Here is an overview.

The instruction for using Mr.Boat epoxy is here.

When you are interested in the technical specifications, you can check them here.
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