Tar epoxy 1.2 kg.

Tar epoxy 1.2 kg.


- Ensure a sanded, dust free and grease free underlay. Rust and mill scale are to be removed of the steel.

- Mixture resin/hardener 5:1 (weight) is not critical but mix as close possible. Stir both components very well.

- After stirring resin and hardener, the tar is extra lobbed and gap filling. At a temperature of 20C you can work with it for about one hour.

- Tar epoxy can be applied with a brush of roller.

- Dependant of the layer thickness, it will be dusf dry after ± 3 hours (at 20C). , waarna eventueel een tweede laag opgezet kan worden

- After complete drying the second layer will adhere well on the first layer.

- After applying the epoxy primer on the tar epoxy, you can apply an antifoulingt.

- This product can be used at a minimal temperature of 0C , the drying process will then take much longer of course.

- Tar epoxy does nog contain hazardous coal tar, but bitumen which have the same water resistant qualities and are not considered to be harmful to the health.
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