Yacht paint and antifouling

A variety of yacht varnishes of the renowned brand Hydrant. Als Hempel antifoulings.

Hydrant yacht paint and Hempel antifouling

Hydrant is the product line yacht varnishes and paints of the renowned brand Nelf from Friesland, The Netherlands. Hydrant is used for decades in professional inland navigation and is recently available for the private consumer.

  • Since 1977.
  • A top quality durable products package.
  • Specially developed for contemporary water sports.
  • Also for most extreme circumstances.
  • Provides an excellent result.
  • For above and under waterline, from primer to finish.
  • Applied on wood, steel, aluminum and polyester.
  • Also excellent to use in and around the house.
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"Snel geleverd goede uitleg"

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